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About Us

Career Centre is an official recruitment – consulting agency of Masaryk University that connects employers with students and fresh graduates of Masaryk University.


Our mission is to help our students and fresh graduates enter a job market more easily.


We offer various recruitment services to employers – employer’s brand building at the university; acquiring new student contacts by holding events with representatives of companies, or targeted job advertisement and searching for candidates through our career network JobCheckIN ( 

Official Career Network JobCheckIN

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JobCheckIN is an official university career network that enables employers to find suitable employees and fresh graduates to start a successful career. It is a fully automatic database system for finding job applicants. It automatically recommends adequate job applicants to employers for a given job position based on competencies and career preferences.On the other hand it recommends suitable jobs to students. JobCheckIN automatically downloads data about education of MU students from the Information system of Masaryk University and the accuracy will be guaranteed by the University.  

Masaryk university

Masarykova univerzita

Masaryk University is one of the most important teaching and research institutions in the Czech Republic and a highly-regarded Central European university. It has been infused with a strong democratic spirit ever since its establishment in 1919. 38,000 students 2nd largest university in the Czech Republic 9 faculties, over 200 departments, institutes and clinics.

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